Q&A: Architecture critic Justin Davidson on ‘Magnetic City,’ his NYC walking guide

By NYCxDesign

Editor’s Note: We often characterize New York’s architecture in relation to change, but architecture critic Justin Davidson sees long threads of continuity woven through the city’s history. Curbed NY interviewed Davidson to celebrate the release of his book Magnetic City, asking him about long-term trends, the process of writing the book, and his predictions for New York’s next phase of development. Image: In Magnetic City, Justin Davidson chronicles the development of the High Line and how it’s changed the fabric of West Chelsea. Image via Flickr.

By Amy Plitt

The amazing thing about New York is its resilience. The trauma of de-industrialization was profound; New York went from being the largest manufacturing center in the world, and the largest shipping center in the world, to effectively closing all of those waterfront areas when containerization happened. The fact that New York even continues to exist and is at a peak population now goes counter to what anybody in the mid-’70s would have predicted. [Read more]