For stronger cities, prioritize implementation, not just innovation

By NYCxDesign

Editor’s Note: When it comes to the design of cities, it’s easy to focus on new ideas. But, as Brian Swett of the consulting firm Arup suggests, this sometimes obscures another important part of the equation: the actual implementation and scaling of those ideas. Swett leads Arup’s cities strategy in the Americas, and in this short interview, he outlines a few of the challenges that winning ideas must overcome in order to make it off the drawing board. Image: A “complete street” in New York City. Image by Streetfilms.

By Brian Swett

The number and size of the communities talking about these issues have definitely exploded. I’m not sure if the diversity of representation has exploded, though. Are the right folks in the room actually bringing projects to delivery? Implementing solutions around these issues requires buy-in from diverse stakeholders, and there are very few organizations bringing together private-sector real estate developers, public-sector decision makers, community members, financiers, insurance companies, designers, banks, law firms. [Read more]