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The Black Artists + Designers Guild Concept House
06/02/20 - 12/31/20
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

After contemplating the other side of this COVID-19-induced shelter-in place protocols of the last several months, The Black Artists + Designers Guild expects to emerge into a new future with new terms. Some areas will remain recognizable, while others will be necessarily re-defined. A future that has been conceived by none. In this future, our homes are reinforced as the center of our lives: family life, work life. At the center will be the core principles of our general well-being and the protection of our bodies from potential harmful agents in the outside world. Embrace the possibilities of this future home sanctuary in the BADG Virtual Concept House (“Concept House”) and seek to demonstrate what this new future may hold in the context of dwelling for peoples of the Black diaspora.

The BADG Concept House is intended to be a 3,000-4,000 square foot virtual house imagined in the hills of Oakland in California’s Bay Area (part of the greater Silicon Valley footprint). Using an actual site, the virtual structure is set in the year 2022, designed by BADG-Creators. This list includes, architects, interior designers, artists and furniture makers and lighting designers to name a few. The four-bedroom home will imagine a future domicile, not only utilizing cutting edge smart-home technology but integrated with advanced sustainable systems and practices. This home is a place where the variety of Black familiy templates of the future can rejuvenate - as a common unit, while permitting dignified individual expressions of the household make up.

The Concept House will launch with promotional videos highlighting each designer involved. After the house’s “opening,” visitors can visit the Concept House web page to virtually tour it in its entirety - inside and out. Virtual walkthroughs will include self-guided 360-degree exploration of the house with the capacity for virtual reality engagement. Additional information on products used in the design vignettes throughout the house will be accessible during the virtual walkthrough.

Participate in The Concept House by completing an online survey that will help BADG design a space with you, and your family, in mind. To show appreciation, you will receive a 20% coupon code to use until July 15, 2020 in BADG’s newly launched online store.


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