Can technology and design save us? Norman Foster Foundation’s first forum ponders the challenges

By NYCxDesign

Editor’s Note: The Architect’s Newspaper reports from The Future is Now Forum in Madrid. The Forum is the inaugural event of the recently established Norman Foster Foundation, which aims to foster innovation and research in the built environment, as well as commission its own projects. The Forum looks to have generated some lively debate among the design world’s leading figures—a promisingly provocative start for the new organization. Image: Can technology and design save us? Norman Foster Foundation’s forum ponders the challenges. Image sourced from Zachary Edelson/AN.

By Zac Edelson

Nicholas Negroponte, co-founder of MIT Media Lab, was especially bullish on technology’s potential to shape design: “The end of constructing things of components” such as bricks or concrete is coming to an end. Architecture will be “like planting a seed and watching a building grow… additive construction is over.” Niall Ferguson, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, countered that a massive backlash was coming for all this progress: When middle America and Europe figure out that technology is taking their jobs, he said, there will be resistance, even if it’s futile. [Read more]