The mission of Design+ city is…

a space for stories that celebrate the city’s commitment to design to improve our urban quality of life. We publish a selection of spotlights on designers who work within the city or for the city.

This blog is developed under the aegis of NYCxDESIGN, the city’s official design festival in May, and benefits from the expert eyes of a sub-committee, composed this year of Rick Bell, Xenia Diente, Ozgur Gungor, Victoria Milne, Ilene Shaw, and Lisa Wager. The editorial team is led by Laetitia Wolff, AIGA and Molly Heintz, SVA along with her SVA D-Crit MA students:


  • Molly Heintz, SVA MA Design Research, Program Chair (Co-Editor, with Laetitia Wolff)
  • Anja Laubsher, SVA MA Design Research, 2018 MA Candidate (Co-Managing Editor)
  • Shani Rodan, SVA MA Design Research, 2018 MA Candidate (Co-Managing Editor)
  • Laetitia Wolff, AIGA, Director of Strategic Initiatives (Co-Editor, with Molly Heintz)