AN recaps the inaugural Tech+ expo in New York

By NYCxDesign

Editor’s Note: We’ve long been speculating on the effect of computer-aided design (CAD) technologies on architecture. This recap of the Tech+ expo by The Architect’s Newspaper takes this speculation a step further—wondering about how technologies such as VR might shape client-architect relationships in new ways, impacting the built environment. How might our real-world environments take shape when the process of designing them is filtered through technology designed to emulate the real world? Image: AN recaps the inaugural Tech+ expo in New York. (Courtesy AN).

By Jason Sayer

Taking architecture just as a symbol for a minute, when the stations were designed in the mid-century, they had a sort of bunker mentality to them, which is to say, closed in, protected with solid walls. It set up a real us and them dichotomy. What we’re finding with the new stations, and I think that’s a symbol for how the police in general, and this is a national phenomenon, are trying to reintegrate into the communities, to make it a little bit more transparent what they’re doing. [Read more]